A Virtual Private Network

(VPN) provides users with online anonymity and a secure connection when accessing public networks. Secure VPN connections provide a higher degree of privacy by masking your IP address, while encryption offers a higher degree of security.

Why a VPN Service?

Anyone who values their online transactional safety should consider VPN Services. Your at most risk when in you local coffee shop and checking your bank account, in fact any personal records or emails you access when not on a secured password protected VPN, means you are vulnerable to someone accessing your information. Shopping online has become a common pastime, with daily transactions taking place every day. But have you ever thought by using multiple shopping apps on unsecured networks you may be leaving yourself open to criminal activities such as identify theft? In recent times its not been uncommon for thieves to access and empty online users bank accounts.

Protection and Privacy

VPN services provide a secure portal linking you to a node and exit point across a network of multiple worldwide servers, anyone wanting to pinpoint your IP address location, for example at your house would be unable to obtain this information. This allows you the freedom to use apps and websites without the fear of compromise.

It is a common occurrence for websites to track your identity and search engine history to help support selling and influencing tactics. By providing a high degree of online anonymity, VPNs can help eliminate the intrusive nature of search engines and websites.

VPN How and Why?

Tracking search histories and IP addresses are a profitable tactic, its not a coincidence searching for a “holiday”, then getting holiday averts popping up during unrelated searches. Subscriptions can also connect your email address with search activity, the timely email about the same interested subject is also no coincidence. Ever thought why your holiday or flight is less competitive then on other sites or has increased in cost after a few visits.

It’s also not uncommon for companies to sell search history data to support demographic advert targeting.

Extremely easy on the open internet is the ability to match IP Addresses and physical home address locations, thus making it easier for thieves to build financial profiles on targeted victims.

When streaming via a VPN service your IP address masks your location by bouncing off worldwide servers, location-based subscriptions become less easy to control and speed and data throttling become a thing of the past.

Devices are safer from targeted hacks, even your mobile connected to the Wi-Fi is secure, Firesticks and other streaming packages are also protected from prying eyes.

ABC VPN – Why Not Try

 In summary with a VPN Service you can surf the internet with confidence, all devices operated through the VPN service are also masked from intrusive data collection methods, providing a safe online experience 100% of the time.