About Us

Are you an employer of people with disabilities or complex needs, or would you like to be but are unsure of how? Would you like some support or training to help your organisation and its employees?. This could be something small to many but so big to the individuals it benefits.

GTS is a supported employment specialist. We employ people who present with historical barriers to work, whether that be depression, homelessness, anxiety, or any other number of hurdles. 

 Among the 21 employees currently carrying out various roles across several sites in Glasgow are people who have previously been hampered by age discrimination, a disadvantaged background, physical disability, mental health issues and PTSD syndrome. 


Over the past few years, GTS has focused on supporting people with multiple barriers to employment and organisations who wish to have a more inclusive workplace and diverse workforce through our tailored employability programmes which successfully place people into work with the employer’s and support those employers, who are seeking to make their workplace a more inclusive workplace and their workforce more diverse workforce.


GTS has tailored programmes that support employees and employers that deliver a happier and more inclusive workplace.


For more information, please contact.  

Tracey Smith tracey@gtssolutionscic.com 


Founder & CEO - Chris Thewlis

Recognised expert in the social enterprise sector in Scotland. I have advised the Scottish and UK Governments on Social Economic Development issues by being an evidence provider. Our contracts span the UK and operate fully across the Private, Public and Third sectors delivering truly innovative and differentiated solutions to our clients with the aim of building a more resilient and inclusive economy for all through the delivery of our social aims and objectives and the reinvestment of profits back into Public Safety. GTS truly delivers measurable SROI from generated profit.

Tracey Smith - Operations Director

My role at GTS brings together both the broad operational and leadership experience I have gained throughout my career and embeds me in a sector in which I am hugely passionate. I am a passionate ambassador for public good, employability and helping communities become stronger and more sustainable. I have a strong track record of working closely with people from often difficult backgrounds and have spent a lot of my time training, coaching and developing people. I love to see people achieve the little things in life, become more confident and be part of the communities in which they live.

Stuart Nicoll - Training Manager

Bringing a wealth of experience, knowledge and enthusiasm, Stuart provides learners with a benchmark classroom experience. Stuart is instrumental in training candidates from our barriers to work program, allowing individuals to go from strength to strength within a chosen role. Stuart continues to look for new ways to innovate the classroom teaching methodology to maximise our customers learning experiences.

Meet Roger Horam, a director with the European Development Innovation Network, who joined GTS Solutions as a non-executive director with a focus on funding applications and tenders. He also has extensive experience as a project manager, from small start-ups to multi-million-pound operations.