Security Services Offering Social Value

As the only Social Enterprise to operate within the security industry we are ideally positioned to offer construction companies a high level of service and professionalism coupled with the provision of Social Value which extends far beyond and adds value to service level agreements.

For many years now construction sites have been the target for criminal activity. Protecting materials, equipment and buildings from arson and damage are high on the priority list of any company operating in the construction sector.

GTS Solutions CIC will endeavour to minimise the risk associated with criminal activities through best practice security practices. All our security operatives are fully trained, along with SIA certification.

Our highly trained security guards specialise and are responsible for keeping your property safe and always protected.

The deployment of Axis Surveillance Technology ensures your business has modern and innovative equipment which can be deployed as part of a contractual requirement.

Our process of Assess – Plan – Implement ensures every site is individually scoped to ensure best practice surveillance technology is maximised in its use across the site.

As well as a deterrent the site, CCTV provides 24/7 sight, sound and intruder alerts to support any requirement to respond, or and notify law enforcement police officers when required.

Through our own training department all staffed are trained to a high standard and certified through the SIA licences process. We are an ACS approved contractor.

Axis Authorised Partner
We are a Living Wage Employer

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