Safe - In the Cyber World

It’s important to understand the impact poor cyber security can have on individuals, small to medium size businesses, large corporate and public sector organisations who don’t invest in Cyber Security protective measures.

Firstly What is Cyber Security

Cyber Security is the term used by individuals, organisations and professionals who have expertise and knowledge to reduce the risk of targeted cyber-crime activities.

It’s also important to understand what Cyber Crime is?

Cyber-Crime is using computers and internet technology to carry out criminal activities.

Cyber Security and the Individual

The central purpose of Cyber security’s is to protect internet connected devices such as computers smartphones, tablets, laptops. It’s the prevention of unauthorised access to information and data.

Many of our devices are attached to internet portal applications, banking, social media, shopping are some of the apps we have running on our devices. Not protecting these devices form Cyber Criminals can have serious financial consequences.

Some Links and Help

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