Kickstart your career in the security industry

It now looks likely the first generation of COVID-19 vaccines will gain approval as soon as December 2020/January 2021. This will provide a real motivational boost to business sectors such as hospitality, reputed to be the UK’s fourth-largest industry representing around 9% of the UKs workforce, the hospitality industry is reliant on customers to fuel the demand for jobs across this sector.

As the hospitality sector slowly gets back to normal, the sector will have a requirement to protect people and property. Roles, such as Door Supervisor, Security Officer and CCTV Operatives is where the governments kickstart scheme may be the perfect fit for businesses and security companies to support young people into work.

Local job centres and work coaches will look to identify 18 to 24-year olds who may look towards the security industry for a rewarding career. Once identified it is our role within the process to mentor, train and accredit candidates to gain their security licence, thus allowing them to work within the security industry.

Considering the positive impact on young people across social and economic boundaries of employability its then down to the security industry and employers across the different sectors to embrace the program.

We are looking forward to working with businesses who want to make a difference to a young peoples life’s, in partnership we are confident the journey can be a knowledgeable experience to kickstart their career

Please contact us for more information on the Kickstart Scheme