GTS Solutions has partnered with Swiss-based Lucy Security to offer free cybersecurity training designed to make businesses more resilient to fraudsters in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

The online course is being rolled out as an emergency response to the fall-out from the pandemic.

With most businesses in the UK being forced to work from home to help combat the spread of COVID-19, the potential for hacking, phishing and other cyberattacks has soared.

GTS Solutions is working in conjunction with Lucy, a global supplier of cybersecurity training software, to help address the issue.

The aim is to provide remote workers with additional knowledge to minimise the risks arising from their sudden change in circumstances, with the course designed to raise awareness and educate people on safer ways to work from home.

Packed with interactive quizzes, advice videos and questionnaires, the open educational platform can be accessed without charge at

GTS Solutions is the only gold standard social enterprise working in the UK private security sector and recently refocused its business strategy to concentrate on public safety.

The free resource is the first offering from the company’s recently-agreed partnership with Lucy Security, funded by a loan from UMi Debt Finance Scotland.

Lucy offers security training and testing services in 130 languages and the deal saw GTS Solutions become their only managed security service provider in Scotland.

GTS chief executive Chris Thewlis, who is also a member of the Scottish Business Resilience Centre Policy Board, said: “Lucy is a brand that is known internationally and being an official partner gives us the opportunity to export to our desired market across a number of countries.

“This is a fantastic learning and educational package as well as being a cyber security safety package which we hope will prove of benefit to the thousands of people now having to work from home due to the coronavirus pandemic.”

Paul Dobson, Lucy Security director, UK and Ireland, said: “Working with GTS Solutions in Scotland will help millions of people stay safe from criminals.”

The Lucy Security agreement is another major partnership for GTS Solutions after the company linked up with Axis Communications, the global market leader in video surveillance, towards the end of last year.

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