Learner Reviews

The SIA door supervisor course seemed daunting on the outside, especially going into a virtual classroom, something I had never done before. However from day one our trainer was an amazing instructor who, through a well of professional knowledge and life experience, managed to break the course down to material that was simple to follow yet it was kept interesting to the point that there was never a dull moment in the class. I would highly recommend GTS for anybody thinking of doing an SIA course.
Door Supervisor Course
I did my SIA training with Stuart (training provider) and found out via a Facebook post he posted. At first, I did not know what to expect as I have not done this amount of work since high school (17 years) ago, but once I got going it was ok.
SIA Training
Everything was explained in full and we knew from the beginning what was expected of us, he also made sure to check in regularly to see how we were getting on.
Setting Expectations
Course was fun and content exiting enough to keep me wanting to learn more. Found the course content hard at first, but well explained and positioned by the tutor which aided my learning experience/
Enjoyable Process
I received a lot of support, in many ways, e.g. zoom meetings, phone conversations, emails, it was very easy to get support. ‘I would like to thank everybody for this opportunity to take the cyber security course. And I would like to especially thank Stuart Nicoll (Trainer) for his continuous support and encouragement.
Providing Support
‘The content was really interesting, enjoyable and at the technical level I expected. It was a rewarding process to look at the assessment questions and then be supported through various routes to find the solutions. The material was totally accessible and where more information was required it was delivered in a very supportive and engaging way.
Rich Content
The course was very enjoyable and well explained. The trainer helped us understand the process and set the learning parameters, of which we all enjoyed in terms of structure and organisations.
Structure & Organisation
The provider was very supportive, answering the phone when I needed or promptly replying by emails. I also appreciated the extra help they offered through zoom calls and tutorials and regularly checked in with me.
Diligent Approach
Thank you so much for this opportunity, it has done more than just allowed me to gain a qualification, it has given me a path back to work and indeed re-energised my whole approach to my career.
Energising People
I feel it’s going very well. Its really easy to communicate. Feels perfect. I suppose I prefer face to face training but in saying that virtual offers no real disadvantage. Suppose its personal choice.
I prefer it to classroom – it’s easier especially with Zoom. Good quality connection and it doesn’t ‘lag’. Takes away the travel barrier, being in the comfort of your home.
No Technology Barriers
‘What can I tell you , I’m more used to training than some of my colleagues, but this is the future, it’s the world we are living in and it’s the conditions that we have to adapt to – this is a very efficient tool and the trainer was great. For me, its better than being in a class.
Virtual Learning