Covid - Workplace Health and Safety

In terms of business risk HSW Act to protect people at work many companies Employers entered uncharted waters with the emergence of the Covid19 virus.

While ongoing government guidance can support good practice during the pandemic to prevent transmission of COVID-19, its equally important these guidelines are communicated and documented to the employee. The law also applies in some cases to Self Employed Workers.

Advice and compliance

Public Health Scotland Covid19 Guidelines

Good hygiene practice, physical distancing and respiratory protocols all need to be clear and concise within the specific workplace environment.

Workers Guidance

The HSE estimates that workplace injuries cost the UK economy over £15 billion per year. Official figures estimate the cost to business at £3.2 billion. Mitigating the risk associated with the transfer of Covid19 in the workplace is something employers should take seriously.

To help mitigate the risk we are offering a blend of certified courses.

Level 2 Customer Service course is COMPLETED ONLINE. This course is also offering the Infection Prevention with COVID-19 online course, which will arm workers with the appropriate knowledge and skills to enter the workplace and keep them safe from the risk of infection. This is a great added benefit to keeping people safe. We’re helping in the fight against COVID-19 by giving you the tools to prevent it from spreading in the workplace.

Scientific approach to preventing the harm caused by infection and can be completed in less than an hour. It’s also been updated with a new module specific to COVID-19, which can be taken as a standalone module, and contains information on:

  • the differences between viruses and bacteria
  • how our bodies respond to viruses
  • what COVID-19 is
  • how it spreads
  • the symptoms of COVID-19
  • how we can protect ourselves and others
  • where to get information and stay informed.

Businesses could receive up to £200 to cover the costs of the training if their employees meet the following criteria, conversely, we are offering blended courses to meet the same requirements at discounted rates.

Employee Criteria for Funding

  • Aged 16 or over.
  • Not in education or involved in any other SDS funded programme.
  • Employed, earning less than £22,000 per year.
  • Resident in Scotland

Help with Funding Application or Further Information Please Contact Us