Apply for a Door Supervisor Licence

With close to 400,000 licenced security personnel working across the UK it’s a role that attracts a demographic of applicants. Traditionally a male orientated job role, there are now around 11% of the UK security workforce who are woman.

While you would expect the role to be filled by young athletic individuals its worth noting that some roles within the security industry such as CCTV Operator are less demanding than others and its not uncommon to have previously retired individuals filling these roles.

Its an industry that attracts a demographic of diverse cultures from around the world with circa 50% of security staff emanating from overseas.

The highest number of security staff are licenced Door Supervisors, with just over 50% holding a door supervisor licence. Door Supervisor licence is the most popular as it allows you to meet licence criteria for other licensable activities, such as Key Holders, CCTV Operators and Security Guarding positions. Close protection Licences also allow you to work as a Door Supervisors is another example.

Apply for your SIA Door Supervisor Licence is quite simple.

⇒ Contact us and book your Door Supervisors Course

⇒ Once passed -Complete the licence application – SIA Door Supervisor Licence Application

⇒ You are required to verify your identity as part of the application and some background checks may apply based on nationality and residential status.

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